Astrological remedies---are remedial measures that are supposed to be done to correct the various problems of our lives from an astrologer’s point of view. Sometimes ,in spite of our best efforts and competence ,we are not able to achieve the level of success that we deserve our we are not able to fulfill our dreams ,no matter how hard we work .at such times ,it is advisable to get our horoscopes analyzed by some competent astrologer to find out if there is any problem in our horoscope like bad yogas our inauspicious transit of some planet due to which we are facing failures or unable to attain the desired success in any field of life like education ,career ,business marital life etc.

Experienced astrologer and Reiki Hiller MR. Anil Sharma can provide you with all the necessary important information about your life which you always wanted to know along with various types of remedies for problems that he foresee in your horoscope after analyzing the various houses ,planets ,Rashis, Dashas and combination of planets (yogas) in various houses

Remedies For Comforts Of Family Life

  • To Give Apart Of One's Meal to Cow, Crows And Dogs Will Lay The Foundation Of Happy Married Life.
  • At night keep some water under the bed and throw it respectfully in the morning..
  • For The Benefit Of Progeny

  • A Child Born In A Religious Place Will Live Long.
  • Rearing of a single born male puppy dog will help in extending progeny, and family comfort.
  • Financial transaction and money lending.

  • Don’t donate item relating to exalted planets.
  • Don’t accept gift relating to debilitated planets